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american undermine her bid to unseat surprise 2010 winner scott brown? we begin with important new insights into your mood and what it could mean for the presidential election. if you're feeling more optimist optimistic, you're not alone. the latest survey has its highest marks since october 2007. among the reasons why, home sales and home prices are up. the number of unsold homes is down and gasoline prices dropping. ali velshi is here to compare notes. memorial day weekend, lower gas prices. they're part of this increased optimism far lot of folks. what's going on here? >> some weird things going on because the market has not been providing that optimism. a lot of people don't feel the unemployment situation getting a lot better, although it is for 19 straight months being lower. but when you put this whole thing together, ultimately in a consumer-driven economy like that of the united states, how people feel is the key determina determinant. the number you'll tell our viewers about shortly is consumer sentiment, how do you feel about the economy now, how do you feel about it in
chuck brown died today. brown and his group topped the charts in 1978 with their hit "busting loose." he died of multiple organ failure brought on by a bacterial infection in his blood. >>> and more homeowners are making their payments on time. delinquencies on mortgages dropped to a four-year low in the first quarter of this year. the mortgage bankers association says just over 11% of homeowners have fallen behind or are already in the foreclosure process. that's the lowest level since 2008. >>> and attention men looking to add some ambience to your man cave. yankee candles is now selling man candles. yes, i did say that. candles with scents of wood, freshly cut grass and even leather. first down combines orange and leather to remind you of, what else, gameday. and would you like to whiff some sawdust? two by four should do the trick there. i don't know if i enjoy the smell of leather. i don't know. >> i will listen when they start selling wheat hops and barley. >> there you go. of course, that's a smell that john king loves. >> stay with me, kate. >>> tonight's moment you might have mi
's one way california governor jerry brown plans to solve his state' $16 billion budget crisis. he hopes the tax hike coupled with cuts to health care for the poor and fewer work hours for state employees will help close the gap. but governor brown warns that if voters don't approve the plan, billions will be cut from education programs. >>> and do you hear the names ethan, olivia or noah perhaps quite a bit lately? it could be because those are some of the most popular baby names of 2011. the social security administration published the full list today. the top three boys names are jacob, mason and william. and the top three girls names are sophia, isabela and emma. i'm always interested in these lists. i'm always looking at what big news events happened in the past year and what movies started these trends. >> i'm flying up to boston to see my noah tonight but he's 18. >> you're way ahead of the curve. >>> for this i went to college. tonight's moment you may have missed. reality tv lovers in britain have spoken. i'm going to tell you about it. they say a dog is more skilled than the hu
though governor romney calls it home but you also have the brown/warren race, one of the best senate races in the country. >> really interesting race, too. >> you have the prospect of aiken digoing back to congress in the barney frank district as he retires and we have that lapse now, no kennedys in the congress. interesting state. not normally the case. >> it is and i think we are thought of as being more reliably blue than we are. there are more unregistered independents in massachusetts than there are registered democrats and republicans combined and we've had 16 years before me of republican governors. we've, we have scott brown now in the senate, and in a tight race with the probable democratic nominee, elizabeth warren. >> let's go back then and make clear what is and isn't fair game when it comes to bain capital, where we started. what's fair and what's not fair game? some people attack the company broadly. people say these guys are rapers, they're horrible. >> i get some people think the whole idea of private equity is bad and doesn't contribute. i'm just saying i'm not one o
in that answer. she prefers shades of brown. jeanne moos, cnn. >> the whole thing is preposterous. >> reporter: new york. >>> that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. >>> good evening. i'm john king. tonight, a chinese dissident leaves american protection and is reunited with his wife. he says he was misled, double crossed by the united states. wait until you here his story and the state department's response. >>> thirteen people are charged in the death of a florida drum major. >>> tonight's truth follows the money and tells you just where the obama and romney campaigns believe the presidential election will be decided. >>> in china, just as secretary of state hillary clinton arrived for a round of delegates, a chinese human rights activist left the protection of the u.s. embassy in beijing. the united states says he received assurances he would be treated humanely. later, he spoke by phone and told a very different and much darker story. he says, u.s. officials broke promises to have someone with him as he rece
forth. it has been taken off the website but not before senator scott brown sent out a cut and paste and saying this was a complete waste of tax-pair dollars. >> he is campaigning for re-election. i am sure it helps him to screen about this. with he would think after the gsa that government agencies would be thinking twice or thrice about these things. we are waiting for what we would hope would be a lengthy response by noaa that this got up on the website. they preferred this solicitation from the general counsel at noah and the operations management. we don't know how much this person was going to cost the taxpayer dollars. they do point out an underscore that no one at the end of the day was actually hired to come and be a imagine jigs at their conference. >> government resources were spent putting up the posting and all that. maybe it is admission that the magicians do the weather forecast. i'm not quite sure. dana, thanks so much. >>> coming up, four months after dropping out off the race, congresswoman michele bachmann endorses her former rival, mitt romney. will her supporters
than 2008. here tonight to talk truth, national journal editorial director, ron brown stein, republican consultant, alex cos stealth lan knows and donna brazile. you guys are just that and the diva. seriously, a lot of people just want to say, you know, primaries, it didn't matter. it is just about dick lugar. my golden rule is that every time people vote, we learn. what did you learn? >> well, first of all, that the tea party is very active in the republican party. they punished him for not only being in the senate too long but not having a formal residence in the state of indiana. they also punished him for working with democrats on many important issues, issues that impacted the state of indiana. it is a sad day when you have to punish people simply because they try to get along and do what's right for the country. >> a lot of people are asking that question. is the middle disappearing? olympia snowe retires and says, forget about it. you can't get along with people. it is good and evil. it is not negotiation. listen to mr. mourdoch. listen to how he defines compromise. >> sure, if i
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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